Juvenile Charged With Felony After Thursday Night Disturbance

FREMONT – It took police about two hours to resolve a scary situation on Thursday night, but it did conclude peacefully – and without any injuries or shots fired.

Around 4:00PM Thrusday, officers from the Fremont Police Department were   dispatched to the Fremont High School located at 16th and Lincoln Streets where it was reported a student had brandished a handgun. Authorities at the police department and at the high school had reason to believe that there were credible threats made, and the school was put into lockdow. Nearly 40 officers from the Fremont Police Department, Nebraska State Patrol, Dodge County Sheriff’s Department and the Saunders County Sheriff’s Department searched the school and surrounding area for the suspect over the next two hours.

Nearby, Midland University sent a message out to students, warning them to be wary of suspicious behavior in the area. Another few blocks to the south, the Fremont Family YMCA also went into lockdown, suspending a swim meet about to kick off.

Authorities continued to search the high school, room by room, as well as the area surrounding it. At approximately 6:00PM, two juveniles matching the description of the suspect were contacted by an officer about two blocks away from the high school.

Both individuals were questioned by authorities, and one of them was released with no charges.  The other, a 14-year-old male, was taken into police custody.  He was charged with Terroristic Threats, a Class 3A Felony, and was taken to the Northeast Nebraska Juvenile Detention Center in Madison, NE.

The handgun that was seen was determined to be a BB gun styled to look like a realistic pistol.  It is now in the possession of the Fremont Police Department.

This is the bb gun recovered from the suspect’s possession at the time of arrest, which he allegedly brandished at the school, igniting Thursday’s incident. Photo courtesy KMTV 3 News Now.