Jack Hoffman Invited to Become a Midland Warrior with Full Tuition Scholarship

FREMONT – Nebraska football fans remember and hold dear to them a collection of moments that inspire others to succeed and show the best of what it means to be a Husker. One such defining moment in Nebraska history occurred during the Spring game in 2013, when a young  boy fighting cancer ran with the team to score a touchdown.

Since that magical day, the name Jack Hoffman has been etched into the hearts of every Husker fan as they’ve watched the boy become a young man, fighting brain cancer all the while. Lifelong friendships was also formed between Jack and Rex Burkhead and a former Huskers assistant coach, Jeff Jamrog. Jack has always been grateful for these friendships, and the support of the whole Husker fanbase. “It means a lot to know that there’s a lot of people that support me,” Jack said, “And not just me – other kids like me with cancer.”

Jamrog is now the head coach for Midland Warrior football, and Thursday afternoon, he presented Jack, now 14, with the offer of a four year, full tuition scholarship to attend Midland University when the time comes to begin his college career. The offer, Jamrog said, is based on Hoffman’s “outstanding character, integrity and academic achievements.”

Jack, now in the 8th grade at West Holt High School in Atkinson, is still receiving treatment for brain cancer. He also plays center on his school’s 8th grade football team. He was thrilled to get the scholarship offer from Midland, saying, “I couldn’t breathe! It was so awesome.”

If Jack accepts the scholarship, he would become a Midland Warrior in the fall of 2024 – but as every Husker fan already knows, Jack is already a warrior in more ways than one.

Watch the presentation below: