Intoxicated Man in Park Punches Police Officer

FREMONT – Police arrested one man for multiple offenses last night following a drunk and disorderly complaint, reported just steps away from the police station.

It was just after 9PM when police received a report of an intoxicated man behaving erratically in John C Fremont Park, near the 800 block of north Broad street. Police were dispatched to the park and observed Christopher H. Obershaw, 54, of Fremont consuming alcohol in the park.

Officers made contact with Obershaw, who showed signs of intoxication. During his interaction with police, Obershaw exposed himself and urinated nearby. Officers placed him under arrest on charges of disorderly conduct for the exposure and public urination.  During the arrest process, Obershaw became belligerant and resistant, spitting on officers, and even punching one of the arresting officers in the face.

As a result of the altercation, Obershaw will also face charges of Assault on an Officer – 3rd Degree, Resisting Arrest and Disturbing the Peace, in addition to the original Disorderly Conduct charge.