In God We Trust…. or not??

This morning’s Dodge County Board of Supervisors meeting was pretty uneventful.

Chairperson Bob Missel said they went thru the agenda and heard from a visitor.

Barb Otto of Spencer was on the agenda. Barb gave a presentation requesting the words, “In God We Trust”, be placed back on the courthouse walls. A few years ago, she decided her mission would be to visit all the counties in the state, to ask supervisors to allow signs, plaques….different kinds of displays… with the saying of “In God We Trust” in public view. Barb says its been on our currency since 1863. It’s all over Washington DC, carved in stone, and it’s not a new concept. She says her job is to plant the seed, so counties can decide. Barb says so far, most of the counties are in favor.  Dodge county was the 53rd county she has visited to make her request.  Today, the Dodge County Board of Supervisors tabled the discussion and would like more input from you.

What do you think? Should the words, “In God We Trust” be in public view inside the Dodge County Courthouse?

Your Dodge County Board of Supervisors would like to know. If you are so inclined, you can call.

Board of Supervisors

District 1 – Rob George
1941 E. 16th
Fremont, NE 68025
(402) 727-0833

District 2 – Greg Beam
1150 N Ridge Road Dr.
Fremont, NE 68025
(402) 720-7944

District 3 – Lon Strand
2239 Co Rd. E
Hooper, NE 68031
(402) 654-2455

District 4 – David W. Saalfeld
684 CO RD Q
North Bend, NE 68649
(402) 317-1306

District 5 – Bob Missel
427 N Birchwood
Fremont, NE 68025
(402) 727-1531

District 6 – Dan M. Weddle
2534 Missouri Ave.
Fremont, NE 68025
(402) 721-2651

District 7 – James Vaughan
720 E. 4th
Fremont, NE 68026
(402) 812-9534