III Corps Drug Task Force Made 241 Arrests in Their 20th Year of Service

FREMONT – The III Corps Drug Task Force handled 225 cases in 2016 with over one hundred of the cases involving methamphetamine.

According to the Fremont Police Department’s 2016 Annual Report, the task force is multi-jurisdictional and is comprised of law enforcement agencies from Dodge, Cuming, and Saunders counties, and the cities of Fremont, Blair, Wahoo, and Yutan.

The III Corps Drug Task Force has been around for 20 years, and they cover approximately 1,900 square miles. Lt. Ed Watts with the Fremont Police Department says the task force has two sources of funding.

“It’s funded through federal grants and match money from the agencies that participate,” said Lt. Watts. “So the agencies that may not necessary have an agent working in our department or our physical building, they pay money to the III Corps to have them investigate drug and drug-related crimes in their jurisdiction.”

Of the 225 cases handled in 2016 there were 241 arrests made. Lt. Watts says the biggest drug they encountered last year was methamphetamine.

“In 2016 with was methamphetamine. It’s cheap to produce. It’s relatively cheap to buy, and it’s just very prevalent on the street,” said Lt. Watts. “And of course there was marijuana, which I think we’re just seeing more of. Again, it’s cheap and readily available.”

There were 101 cases that involved methamphetamine in 2016 and 85 involving marijuana. The task force also saw 37 cases involving prescription pills, 12 with concentrated cannabis, and four cases involving cocaine and mushrooms. They also had one case involving molly, one involving LSD, nine dealing with firearms, and six cases involving other drugs.