ICYMI: Gubernatorial Candidates Bob Krist and Lynne Walz Stop in Fremont

FREMONT – Nebraska State Sen. Lynne Walz of Fremont, was introduced today by Sen. Bob Krist as his choice for Lt. Governor in their bid to win the Democratic primary and face Gov. Pete Ricketts and Lt. Gov. Mike Foley in the November General Election.

Krist described Sen. Walz – who if elected would be just the third female Lt. Governor in the state’s history – as a person who has spent a lifetime serving others. First within the special needs community; then as an educator; and now as a state senator.

Walz was elected to the Unicameral in 2016 after defeating incumbent Sen. David Schnoor of Scribner, an appointee of Gov. Pete Ricketts.

“Service to others has been the hallmark of Lynne’s career,” Krist said. “She has been a strong advocate for education, the special needs community, rural economic development, and the need to expand mental health services in our schools. She understands the problems faced by most Nebraskans in their daily lives. As Lt. Governor she will be their voice and work to make certain their concerns are addressed by their state government,” he said.

“Nebraskans are by and large a moderate and compassionate people,” Walz said. “They want state government to work on their behalf and to address the needs of the people, while doing so in a way that spends their tax dollars wisely.”

“Nebraskans have a strong commitment to quality public education, which is the key to our children’s future. We recognize the importance of helping those who cannot help themselves, or who need a guiding hand. We want to be safe in our homes, our schools, our neighborhoods and communities,” Walz said.

“In light of all the school tragedies that have occurred in recent years, and the constant argument made by the governor and others that the solution to gun violence is better mental health services, I sponsored legislation to expand mental health services within our schools at no cost to taxpayers,” Walz said.

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