Greenheart Exchange Looking for Volunteer Host Families in Fremont

FREMONT – Greenheart Exchange is seeking volunteer host families to host exchange students for the 2018-2019 school year.

Greenheart Exchange is a nonprofit student exchange organization, and each year they try to provide over 800 exchange students from over 60 countries with the chance to study in local public high schools. Students in the program will attend a local high school for either a five-month semester or a ten-month academic high school year.

Local Coordinator Tara Jasinski says the host families make an impact in the students’ experiences in the program. She says host families can come from varied economic, religious, and racial backgrounds. Sometimes the host families can be working parents, empty nesters, singles and single parents.

Jasinski says no matter what they only require all families to treat the student as a member of the family and provide them with the same things they would their own children.

“They provide three meals a day, a place to study, and a room,” listed Jasinski. “Also they have to figure out the transportation to and from school.”

Host families are not compensated, but the IRS has authorized families to claim a $50 per month charitable contribution deduction on their itemized tax returns.

Jasinski adds the students are encouraged to participate in school-sponsored activities as well as community activities. She also states most of the students will receive an allowance from their parents and are covered medically.

“All students have their own medical insurance so they can go to the doctor if they need to,” explained Jasinski. “Most students do have their own spending money. Their parents will most likely give them some sort of an allowance.”

For more information about the program or becoming a host family you can go online to