Get Out and Play! The Schilke-Novak Trust Provides Sports Grants to Kids

FREMONT – Kids who play sports just do better: in life, in school and in their relationships with parents, other children and even future partners. Not to mention that kids in organized sports can be generally healthier than their non-sporting peers – kids who play or compete in organized sports get 4-6 more hours of exercise per week than kids who don’t.

Sometimes, the only barrier for a child to get into a sport is financial. Neil Schilke has something to say about that, though. “I want no child to miss an opportunity to participate in their designated sport because of financial restraints. The Schilke-Novak Kids Sports Trust was established… to ensure that all kids can participate equally.”

For kids interested in skating, hockey, softball, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, martial arts or boxing, the Schilke-Novak Kids Sports Trust will provide grants to help children play. “The grants are disbursed directly to the sports organization and are held in total confidence,” Schilke explained.

A brief and simple application form should be completed by anyone wishing to apply for a grant. You can pick up an application for most sports at SidnerLaw Offices – 340 E Military St or the Fremont Area Community Foundation – 1005 E 23rd St. Ice skating applications are granted from a separate endowment, and those applications are available at the SidnerLaw Offices or at the Sidner ice skating rink.

All completed applications should be returned to Neil Schilke at the SidnerLaw offices. “I realize few kids will read this,” Schilke explained, “therefore I request that the community generally gives this information to children and families who have that financial need.”