Gallery 23 East Adds Residential Space to Plan

FREMONT – The Fremont area needs housing, and the planners behind the up and coming Gallery 23 East are ready to respond.

The Fremont City Council will review a potential change to the development’s plan during Tuesday’s meeting, which exchanges some formerly commercial space for additional residential units according to the latest plat map provided to the city.

On the map above, all spaces in orange will be residential use. These units include single family houses, attached townhomes and multifamily apartment buildings. The pink spaces delineate retail or general commercial space: several retail developments are planned, with space for 7-9 retailers each, in addition to office buildings. The developers have been approached by several retailers interested in the space already. The goal is to also attract smaller business, and to have two restaurants near the lake with outside seating available.

Gallery 23 East broke ground during a ceremony in September 2017. The development is owned by brothers Mike and Bill Cosentino from Omaha, and the plot and plan was developed by Olsson Associates.