Fremont Schools Close, Activities Canceled in Effort to Supress Spread of COVID-19 in Community

FREMONT – Fremont Public Schools, Midland University, Archbishop Bergan Catholic Schools, Trinity Lutheran School and the Fremont Family YMCA announced today that due
to notification by Three Rivers Public Health, numerous classes and activities are canceled.

Out of an abundance of caution and in a preventative measure to mitigate, suppress and
delay the spread of COVID-19. Dr. Tom Safranek, State Epidemiologist called this plan “a prudent preventative measure.”

Fremont Public Schools
Fremont Public Schools will be closed district-wide effective immediately through March 14. The regularly scheduled Spring Break will also take place March 15-22.

The following activities will also  be cancelled or postponed until after March 14, with details regarding these events forthcoming:

  • Fremont High School Musical
  • All athletic and extracurricular activities and practices
  • Fremont Public Schools facilities will be closed for outside use

Midland University

Midland University’s Fremont campus will be closed effective immediately through March 15. Additional details will be sent to all students, faculty, and staff via internal email correspondence.

All extracurricular activities through March 15, both home and away, will be cancelled or
postponed. Residence Halls and the dining hall will remain open.

Archbishop Bergan Catholic Schools
Archbishop Bergan Catholic Schools, including the Bergan Early Childhood Education Center, Bergan Elementary & Bergan Middle/High School will be closed effective immediately through March 14.

The following activities will be cancelled/postponed:

  • Athletic/activities practices and games/meets
  • Any meetings/presentations scheduled at any of the schools

Trinity Lutheran Schools
Trinity Lutheran Schools will be closed effective immediately through March 14.

The following activities will be cancelled or postponed:

  • Athletic practices and games/meets cancelled.
  • K-3 musical postponed

Fremont Family YMCA
The Fremont Family YMCA will be closed effective immediately through March 8. The Fremont Family YMCA will be conducting deep cleaning and will reopen on Monday, March 9 at their regular time.

All activities and clubs will be cancelled. The YMCA’s facilities are not at risk.

City of Fremont

The Keene Memorial Library will be closed to the public until Sunday the 15th. The library will waive late fees and you may call during normal daytime hours if you need assistance. Any programming or meetings scheduled through next weekend are also cancelled.

More information:

The quarantine period for COVID-19 is 14 days. Please self-evaluate for symptoms which include a cough, sore throat and fever. A fever is defined as 100.4 degrees or higher. It is recommended that you avoid large group gatherings and events – practice social distancing. If you develop symptoms, please contact Three Rivers Public Health Department at 402-727-5396.

“Our dedicated team is ready to guide our communities that we serve, our response plans are robust and we are prepared to provide education and guidance,” said Three Rivers Public Health Department, Executive Director, Terra Uhing. Evidence to date suggests that this virus doesn’t stay in the environment for an extended period of time. Please continue to practice good hygiene habits such as washing your hands and coughing into your elbow.

State and local health officials are requesting that basketball players, coaches and team staff who participated in the Special Olympics event at the Fremont Family YMCA on February 29, 2020 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m now self-quarantine to limit exposure to others and monitor themselves for development of COVID-19 symptoms through Saturday, March 14, 2020.

“We’re asking for basketball players, coaches, and team staff who participated this event on February 29, 2020 to either self-report to the Nebraska public health online system at or contact their local health department for guidance and next steps. Informing the local health department is the most direct way to ensure timely medical care if needed and to minimize the potential risk to others.” said Dr. Gary Anthone, Chief Medical Officer and Director of Public Health for DHHS.

A map of Nebraska’s local health departments can be found here at .

Symptoms of COVID-19 can appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus.

Spectators of the Special Olympics events and other people who were in the YMCA facility that same day are at much lower risk than the direct participants. Non-participating individuals can self-monitor and contact a local health department or their health care provider if they develop symptoms.