Fremont Residence Fills with Smoke Following Small Basement Fire

FREMONT – A residence was quickly filled with smoke following a dryer and its contents catching fire on Friday.

According to Captain Pat Tawney with the Fremont Fire Department, they were dispatched to S. Thomas Street at approximately 10:38 a.m. following a call reporting a fire. The department located the fire in the basement, where a dryer and its contents were engulfed in flames. Capt. Tawney says luckily it was a small fire that was easy to contain and put out.

“They didn’t have any real structural damage to the house. They had a dryer in the basement that overheated and caught fire,” explained Capt. Tawney. “The contents of the dryer were on fire. Also we think some soap boxes on top of the dryer may have caught fire. It really smoked up the house, but there wasn’t really any actual big fire. Just a lot of smoke.”

Capt. Tawney says it took approximately 45 minutes to an hour to put out the fire and ventilate the house. No injuries were reported.