Fremont Public Schools Provides Equipment and Products to Methodist Fremont Health

FREMONT – Fremont Public Schools is partnering with Methodist Fremont Health to fulfill their needs during this health crisis. Fremont Public Schools is loaning safety equipment including multiple UV Goggle Cabinets to help sanitize and sterilize goggles.

Over 100 pairs of goggles are also being delivered to the hospital. Disposable gloves are also a need for hospitals to avoid any cross-contamination between patients and Fremont Public Schools were happy to provide over 20 boxes of latex-free gloves in various sizes. Fremont High School is donating Pepsi products in conjunction with Omaha PepsiCo Food Service Division from the high school concession stand that will be used for Methodist Fremont Health staff that will be working long hours and days.

“It is absolutely the right thing to do.” stated Mark Shepard, Superintendent of Schools. “Fremont is a unique community. When there is an identified need, people and entities come together to solve them.”

Fremont Public Schools values its relationship and community partnership with Methodist
Fremont Health. We want to provide any resources we are able to during this time of need.
“We are definitely grateful for the help and support we are receiving from our community,” said Brett Richmond, president and CEO of Methodist Fremont Health. “This equipment and extra supplies from Fremont Public Schools will help us as this current crisis progresses and supply issues emerge. In difficult times like this and the floods of last spring, we are really reminded about how great this community is. Having businesses and individuals rally around us to offer support and help where they can, means a great deal to us.”