Fremont “Public Protection Classification” Improves; Property Insurance Rates May Improve, Too

FREMONT – Homeowners within the city of Fremont may see a decrease in their overall premiums sometime soon, thanks in large part, to the hard work going on at the fire and water departments.

Every 5 years the City of Fremont, along with all other cities, is audited and scored by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) and receives a rating called the Public Protection Classification (PPC). This rating is an analysis of the “structural fire suppression delivery system” within the City of Fremont – put simply, it’s a measure of how quickly, reliably, and efficiently a fire can be controlled within a given city.

The “structural fire suppression delivery system” includes the Fire Department (50%), Water Department (40%), and Emergency Call Center (10%). Classification ratings range from 1 – 10, with 1 being the best and 10 being the worst. The city of Fremont’s PPC rating was a level 4 when calculated in 2012. The newest results are out, and Fremont’s 2017-2022 ISO PPC rating is now a level 3.

Typically, insurance premiums (home and business) follow PPC ratings. The better the PPC rating, the better the insurance premium. “The PPC rating is a good tool for planning. It helps us budget and justify improvements for maintaining and improving our structural fire suppression delivery system,” said the City of Fremont in a press release today.

ISO PPC Ratings Across the Region

Fremont – 3
Hastings – 3
North Platte – 3
Lincoln – 2
Norfolk – 2
Kearney – 2

Grand Island earned the only rating of 1 in the entire state of Nebraska.

Many thanks go out to the men and women in our Fire Department, Water Department, and PSAP for the hard work they do to keep Fremont safe. This improvement in our score reflects their dedication to our community.