Fremont Police Want Unattended Cars Locked

Fremont Police Want Unattended Cars Locked
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FREMONT – Fremont Police have a warning for drivers.

According to Lt. Bottorff, more and more cars and trucks are being ransacked and stolen so you need to lock up.

“We’re seeing it a lot in Omaha, the surrounding communities, and in Fremont,” says Bottorff.  “We really encourage people to take their keys out of their car, take valuables out of their cars, and also to lock their cars.”

And with the cold weather arriving, Lt. Bottorff warns people against remote-starting their vehicles and leaving them unattended.

“This is also the time of year where a lot of people like to go out, start their car, hit it with the remote, and leave it running unattended. It’s just asking for somebody to come and attempt to steal it,” said Lt. Bottorff. “So if you have to warm it up, do so where you can keep an eye on the vehicle. Keep it lit up in your driveway. Or lock it and do it with it locked.”

KHUB and KFMT have reported on approximately seven thefts from vehicles last month alone.