Fremont Police Respond to Three DisCon Incidents, Rollover Accident Caused by DUI

FREMONT – Disorderly Conduct and charges related to substance abuse dominated the calls into the Fremont Police Department, who responded to four separate incidents throughout the weekend.

On Friday night, police responded to numerous complaints from the 500 block of north Broad street just after 10PM. Callers reported a woman on the street screaming and yelling at passersby. When officers responded, the woman attempted to bolt. When the responding officers caught up to her, she showed signs of impairment consistent with the use of methamphetamine, and she admitted to officers that she had recently used the drug. Officers found no drugs or paraphernalia on her person, however. As a result, Katherine A. Bloomberg, 35, of Ames, NE was cited on suspicion of disorderly conduct.

About five hours later, at approximately 2:50AM Saturday morning, Fremont police responded to a disturbance complaint at a residence in the 200 block of west 17th street. At the scene of the disturbance, police interviewed Steven J.  Kissel, 27, of Ashland, NE. Responding officers observed drug paraphernalia in plain view which Kissel said was his. Kissel allegedly became belligerent and noncompliant with the officers on the scene, and was arrestedon suspicion of disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia.  At the same residence, Kassandra K. Pyle, 20, of Holmesville, NE was cited on suspicion of being a minor in possession of an alcoholic beverage.

Sometime after 11PM on Saturday night, police responded to the scene of a single-car rollover accident in the 1600 block of Johnson Road. The driver of the vehicle, Dylan J. Smeal, 26, of Fremont, sustained injuries in the rollover and he was transported to Methodist Fremont Health hospital. Smeal admitted he had been drinking prior to the crash. Police cited him on suspicion of Driving while Under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving with a Revoked License and Willful Reckless Driving. Damage to Smeal’s 2010 Mazda is estimated at $7,000.00.

Finally, just before 1PM on Sunday, police responded to another disturbance complaint in the 100 block of east 22nd street.  Residents called reporting that two parties, Tyrai S. Chiles, 27, of Fremont and Derek L. Lee, 21, also of Fremont were at the residence causing a disturbance.  Police responded, and discovered the parties evidently engaged in an altercation. Chiles is accused of yelling profanities in public and not complying with officers’ requests to stop yelling.  Lee is accused of brandishing a baseball bat during the disturbance. Both were arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct as a result of their actions.