Fremont Police Cite Six Teenagers for Various Offenses

FREMONT – Several area teenagers found themselves on the wrong side of the law yesterday, with offenses ranging from child in need of supervision to driving without an operator’s license.

On Wednesday around 1:00AM, Fremont Police officers received a call that reported someone in the 700 block of north William Avenue was trying to break into various cars. Before officers arrived at the scene, the individual left the area in a vehicle that reportedly appeared to have multiple occupants.

Responding officers in the area spotted a vehicle in the area matching the description, and conducted a traffic stop.  As the result of that stop, five juveniles age 15-17 were cited for multiple offenses including: Theft by Receiving Stolen Property, Minor in Possession of Alcohol, and Child in Need of Special Supervision.

Later that day, about 8:00AM, a 2-vehicle property damage accident was reported in the 900 block of north Bell Street.  Fremont Police investigated, and the responding officer learned the driver of one of the vehicles was a 15-year-old male without a driver’s license.

The 15-year-old was cited for Driving without an Operator’s License and was released to a parent. However, it was then learned that the parent knew the boy did not have an operator’s license but still allowed him to drive.  As a result, that parent was cited for Prohibited Acts.