Fremont Opera House Tagged for Structural Integrity Survey

Fremont Opera House Tagged for Structural Integrity Survey
This picture shows the north side wall of the Opera House. This area will require additional structural support.

FREMONT – Earlier this week, we learned the Love Larsen Opera house, has been Red Tagged for structural integrity.  The outside North wall has two areas that are bowing outward.  City Administrator, Brian Newton stated that for safety reasons,  the city has recommended that no one go in the building.

A Structural Integrity evaluation has been ordered.  So, until a structural engineer can conduct a complete evaluation of the building, and have it approved by the city,  the Opera House will be considered unsafe for occupancy.  Officials with the Love Larsen Opera house will be meeting on Friday with several contractors to see what can be done to strengthen or support the building until then.  The 5 floor Love Larsen Opera House has had a presence in the Fremont community since 1888.