Fremont Opera House Ok’d By Structural Engineer – Red Tag Removed

FREMONT – People will soon be able to rejoice at the historic Fremont Opera House once more – the red tag prohibiting entry to the building has been removed as of yesterday, April 19th.

“The failure of the exterior wythe of clay brick masonry on the bottom half of the north side of the Opera House does not compromise the structural integrity of the Opera House,” said Vance Behrens, the structural engineer consulted on the project, “and Structural [Design] Group does not see any reason to limit the function or activities in the Opera House as long as the north exit door is not required for occupancy of the building.”

Chris Bristol happily informed viewers of the Fremont Opera House’s Facebook videos that the building is strong and has no foundational or structural issues, no leaks and no issues on the inside of the building. The issue seems wholly confined to the outside facade of the north wall.

As for the north wall reconstruction, Bristol said, “We are not entirely sure what happens moving forward just yet – we are waiting on some information and some numbers from Fauss Construction, but I will be keeping everybody updated on what that process is.”

You can watch the Fremont Opera House’s video here – like them on Facebook to get updates directly from Chris and the FOH staff.