Fremont Man Sentenced to Prison for Child Abuse

FREMONT – A Fremont man was sentenced to prison for Child Abuse in District Court Monday morning.

Carlos A. Carcamo-Mencia, 23, of Fremont was sentenced after he was charged with Child Abuse, a Class IIA Felony. County Attorney Oliver Glass says while the defendant continued to claim he was not guilty of the crime, he did agree to a plea agreement.

“This came over to me as a warrant request for Child Abuse as a IIA Felony because of the level of abuse that was inflicted on the four-month-old child,” said Glass. “This defendant has denied doing it, however I moved it to a regular Child Abuse charge as part of a plea agreement that he was willing to take. So that’s a IIIA Felony.”

According to reports on November 10, 2016 Carcamo-Mencia was at his residence watching his three children while their mother was a work. During that time their four-month-old child sustained injuries involving trauma and some fractures to the skull.

Carcamo-Mencia reportedly told doctors the child fell out of bed, causing the injuries. However doctors told police officers the injuries could not have been inflicted by simply falling out of bed. This led the Fremont Police Department to investigate the incident and ultimately charge Carcamo-Mencia with Child Abuse.

Judge Sampson presided over the sentencing. He sentenced Carcamo-Mencia to two years in prison with 18 months of post-release supervision. Glass says while most of these cases don’t end with prison time he thought this instance warranted more than just probation.

“It’s not every day you get prison time out of Child Abuse cases. A lot of the time these are geared more toward probation and parenting classes,” said Glass. “I made the comment at sentencing that I thought based on the injuries the child received, there needed to be some form of punitive measures taken.”

Glass adds he’s happy to have the sentence include the post-release supervision, as it will help to address any issues Carcamo-Mencia may have once released.