Fremont Mall Looking at Renovation, Incentives to Attract New Businesses

FREMONT – The Fremont Mall is exploring options to attract new tenants to fill its empty spaces.  The owner of the mall,  Delta Plaza, LLC, is looking at incentives they may be able to use to move forward in that process.

Mall owners and representatives met this morning and will have to come back to the city planning board in a few weeks with a completed plan.  The Fremont Mall owners are considering a proposal to the city of Fremont, asking that the city use LB-840 local sales tax funds to bring a major sporting goods retailer into the former JC Penney location. Delta Plaza LLC hopes that with a new anchor store committed, the project might also attract a national pet store into the mall.

The financial request of the owners will be for $900,000 in “local option economic development funds” to help with the anticipated one million dollars in renovation costs. City Administrator, Brian Newton, says the city collects about $600,000 to $700,000 annually as authorized by state law, using one third of one half of one percent (0.16%) of Fremont’s total local state sales tax collections.  If the local option funds fall into place, the renovations could still begin this year.