Fremont is an Option for Cedar Bluffs Clean Water Situation

CEDAR BLUFFS – Cedar Bluffs is continuing to weigh their options for clean drinking water if the need arises in the future.

The village is currently dealing with the arsenic levels in their water sources. Village employee Gil Frey says they have to stay below 10 parts-per-billion in order to be in compliance with the regulations. He adds their two wells are tested quarterly, and both have stayed under 10 parts-per-billion for arsenic readings for four quarters.

“We’re trying our best to stay where we are. We have a sample that went in this week for our newest well. And we’re in compliance with the two wells with where they are now,” explained Frey. “So we just kind of play it by ear.”

While there is no rush or emergency requirement for the village to choose another water source right way, they are considering different options for when the time to change sources does arrive.

One of their proposed options is to build a treatment plant and run pipes through the wells to deal with the arsenic levels. They have also spoken with officials in Wahoo to connect to their water via the Colon Rural Water District. Most recently, they have spoken with Fremont officials as another possible source of clean water.

Frey says the final choice on which option they take will come down to pricing.

“It would be what it costs to do the project,” said Frey. “If you’re buying water, it’ll probably change the rates. They’re going to have to go up. If we build a treatment plant and run pipe through the wells to them, that would be a different price.”

Village Chair Chris Lichtenberg says they are currently in the gathering information stage. They are also working with the village engineer, Olsson Associates who has been aiding them in the process.