Fremont High School Gets Precision Boost from Keno Grant

Fremont High School Gets Precision Boost from Keno Grant
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FREMONT – Big Red Keno’s “Science & Math Program” is in its third year, and once again, a Fremont Public School will be the recipient of one of their technology grants.

In 2016, Fremont Middle School used their grant to purchase 3D printers. In 2017, Fremont High School used their grant award to do the same. Now, with this third year of grant money, Fremont High School will purchase tools to support their Industrial Engineering students as they learn the precision tools that would be required in a real world setting. The new equipment includes 16 mircometers, 12 digital calipers, and 25 dial calipers, the combination of which will allow students accuracy within 1/16 of an inch.

“With the Big Red Keno Science & Math program grants, we have been able to implement new technology into our classroom that would otherwise not be feasible for many years,” said Keith Cunnings, industrial technology teacher at Fremont High School. “Measurement is a major piece of our curriculum, so this equipment will last for years to come and impact thousands of students.”

The public is invited to join the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce at the school’s Precision Measurement Blitz event on Friday, April 6th from 9AM to 10AM, where students will display and demonstrate their new tools.