Fremont Golf Club Invites Flood Volunteers to Thank-You Dinner

FREMONT – The Fremont Golf Club and the Fremont Area United Way want to thank those volunteers who stepped up and helped out during the catastrophic flooding that ripped through Fremont in March.

On Sunday, June 23rd from 4PM to 7PM, the Fremont Area United Way will host a “Thank You” dinner and open house at the Fremont Golf Club. “Doug [at the Golf Club] really reached out to United Way and said ‘I really want to thank people who gave up their time, talents and their dollars,” according to Shawn Shanahan of the Fremont Area United Way. “Doug really wanted to help out during the flood, so this is [Fremont Golf Club’s] way of giving back.”

Anyone who volunteered is welcome to come in and have a free dinner during the open house. The Fremont Golf Club is taking care of the entire event, including cost, as their way of saying thanks. “No flood dollars are going to support the dinner,” Shanahan specified. “We’re just a partner, taking RSVPs and those kind of things.”

To RSVP to the Thank You Dinner, please call the Fremont Area United Way at (402) 721-4157.