Fremont Fire Department Fights Fire Near 4th & Logan

Fremont Fire Department Fights Fire Near 4th & Logan
Photo courtesy City of Fremont

FREMONT – The Fremont Fire Department rescued one sleeping person from a house fire this morning in the 400 block of north Logan street.

Fremont Fire Department Captain Pat Tawney says the call came in at 9:35 this morning, reporting a 1 ½ story home at 450 North Logan on fire. A passerby saw smoke coming from the home, and went to the front door to see if anyone was inside the residence. As the passerby was knocking, Fremont Fire personnel who had been near the area on another task arrived on the scene. Unfortunately, the personnel were in a pickup truck and did not have proper fire rescue equipment.

Immediately after, the Fire Department arrived with full equipment. Firefighters discovered that the front door was locked, and so broke down the front door. They discovered a male occupant of the home asleep. Firefighters removed the man from the home and family members took him to the hospital to be evaluated for potential smoke inhalation.

The source of the fire was located shortly after, in the upper 1/2 story of the home. The fire had spread into the walls and ceiling, causing extensive damage – estimated at $40,000. Fremont Fire Department was on the scene for nearly an hour and a half. The Fire Marshall investigated the cause of the fire, and found it to have been caused by unnamed “smoking materials,” like cigarettes or cigars.