Fremont Fire Department Checking Into Electrical Issue at Fremont Police Department

FREMONT – Fremont Fire Department crews were called to the Fremont Police department today to investigate a possible electrical fire or electrical short with the potential to become a fire.

The Fremont Police department is in the process of doing some electrical work, but after the building experienced several power surges and building occupants detected the smell of burning electrical wire, they called in the Fire Department.

“We’re down here, trying to make sure there’s no active fire, trying to find the source of the smell,” said Fremont Fire Department chief Tom Christensen. “Just making sure there’s no fire, or potential fire, hidden away.”

Building maintenance crews and the Fremont Fire Department are coordinating to complete a review of the building at this time. The Fremont Police Department building will be without main power until the building has been cleared, but will be running on generators to ensure uninterrupted service to the community.