Fremont Business Closed; $4.6M Debt to Bank Triggers Replevin Action

FREMONT – Tactical Solutions Gear has provided weapons and tactical accessories to law enforcement, hunters and firearms enthusiasts throughout the area for nearly 16 years. Unfortunately, that business is now shuttered permanently.

Great Western Bank recently initiated what’s known as a replevin action against TSG, seeking to take possession of the store’s entire inventory in an effort to recoup some of the $4.6 million dollar debt the company now owes them. Unlike other legal collections actions that seek financial compensation, a replevin action seeks to take possession of the actual goods or physical property listed as security on a loan or line of credit.

Currently, the entire stock from TSG is in the hands of an auction company, in a secured facility.

The owner of Tactical Solutions is Craig Harbaugh, told Mike McKnight that the weapons and stock are “completely secure,” and there’s no risk of these items falling into the wrong hands. As to the debt he owes to Great Western Bank, Harbaugh couldn’t comment on the situation, due to the legalities involved in the replevin action and a recent court order requesting additional business documentation from him.

In addition to owning Tactical Solutions Gear, Craig Harbaugh has been an investigator with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office for six years. His work with the DCSO is not connected to the replevin action or the business dealings of TSG, and the actions involved in this case are all still civil issues, not criminal charges.

Mike McKnight, WOWT News contributed to this report. McKnight’s investigative findings used with written permission.


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