Fremont Back to School Next Week: Drive Slow, Be Patient, Stop for School Buses

FREMONT – Traffic, drop offs, pick ups and everything in between – parents may be dreading the rides to school that begin next week.

Traffic will be congested during the morning hours, especially near Johnson Crossing and the Fremont Middle School. “Traffic will be congested,” warns Fremont Police Chief Jeff Elliott, “Especially near the middle school, where we’ve had some problems in the past.”

Those problems include the 2016 accident near Johnson Crossing that claimed the life of a student, Andrew Perez Martinez. Andrew was walking home with a group of friends, and was killed just a mile from the school. “Slow down,” Elliott urged. “Especially on Military Avenue – there will be officers on Military during these [high traffic] times.”

Motorists performing pick ups or drop offs are urged to drive slowly, check every blind spot, obey traffic signals and complete a full 3-second stop at all stop signs. Motorists who don’t specifically need to be in school zone areas may find it easier and less congested to take other routes and avoid the school related traffic during these times.

Elsewhere, motorists should make sure they’re familiar with Nebraska state laws when it comes to stopping for school buses. When the bus has their lights flashing and their stop sign extended, stop to allow the student to safely exit the bus and get where they need to be – it’s the law. The only exception to this rule is for opposing direction traffic on a divided highway with a median.

From the NE DMV:

School begins Monday for Archbishop Bergan, and on Tuesday for Fremont Public Schools & Trinity Lutheran School.