Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce Announces Compass Award Winners

Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce Announces Compass Award Winners
Photo Courtesy of the Fremont Chamber

Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce will host a ceremony on Monday, May 21, at the Fremont Golf Club to recognize the Compass Award Winners. The award is given to is one youth recipient, one male recipient and one female recipient who are active leaders in the Fremont community.

All award winners have been nominated by the general chamber council members and then chosen by the Leadership Council and Executive Board of Directors as active leaders in the community.

“What we’re looking for is just people in the community who really exhibit a lot of leadership in everything they do,” said Tara Lea, executive director of Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce. “When people think of a leader, they’re always thinking of those type of people.”

Class of 2018 Fremont High School graduate Juan Diaz is the youth recipient. He was apart of the chamber’s youth leadership academy last year, and Lea said he is a silent leader and motivates people to lead through his actions. .

According to Lea, the male award recipient,¬†David Mitchell, is involved in the chamber, the Greater Fremont Development Council, the YMCA and his church. Lea said Mitchell has had his “hands on” multiple Fremont projects.

Additionally, Diane Griffiths is the female recipient. She has served the chamber as a diplomat and a board member. She is also involved in her church among other organizations.

Lea said it is amazing to be able to honor these people.

“So many times you volunteer and do so many things and it kind of goes unnoticed,” she said. “It’s fantastic we can actually put them in the lime light and highlight all of the wonderful things they’ve done throughout the last couple of years.”