FPS, MCC & Private Employers Creating Job, Education Opportunities

FREMONT – When education and work experience intersect, success is the most likely outcome. Today, Fremont Public Schools announced that two of their students will receive a fully paid education through Metropolitan Community College, thanks to the partnership of MCC and two private employers: S2 Rolloffs and NMC Cat of Omaha.

Both students will work part time while taking classes at MCC, and both graduate with a full time job. “This is a great example of the partnership between Fremont Public Schools and Metropolitan Community College meeting our students’ needs,” said Todd Hansen, executive director of the MCC Fremont Area Center.

Candido Ortiz

Candido Ortiz, FHS senior, signed with S2 Rolloffs, Refuse & Recycling as a diesel tech and welding employee. He currently has one year left of MCC classes and will graduate debt free to continue his career with S2. Josh Miller, service writer at S2 stated, “We are excited to be a part of this partnership and look forward to the great things Candido and future students can do.”

Ortiz’s mother, Marina Morales said, “No words can express my happiness. His father, Ramiro Ortiz and I are so proud of him and proud that he stayed in school to receive this great opportunity.”

Dawson Holverson

Dawson Holverson, FHS Class of 2019 graduate, signed with NMC Cat of Omaha as a diesel tech. NMC Cat is proud to be a part of this partnership and making a difference in students’ lives.

“Partnerships between industry and education are crucial in strengthening Nebraska’s labor market by developing talent that meets the requirements of our local economies. For almost 25 years, NMC Group has partnered with local school districts and post-secondary institutions to help advance the technical skills of students pursuing careers in diesel technology,” said Ben Gano, director of talent and client strategy.

Holverson is currently working in NMC’s rental division, learning from his mentor. Holverson said, “I can’t find a better deal than getting out of school debt free. It’s really nice to graduate with a job and have job security.”

This partnership is a great example of collaboration between schools and community, especially in the eyes of Fremont Public Schools. “Our community businesses are giving life changing opportunities to these students and these are not the only companies that offer this type of opportunity. Our community employers see the talent that our young people possess and want to work to build on their skills,” said Mark Williams, career technical education coordinator at Fremont High School. Hansen said, “Business and industry education sponsorships are getting more popular. Employers are making an investment on the front-end to recruit students to develop and expand their business.”