FPS Board of Education Looks Forward to 2018

FPS Board of Education Looks Forward to 2018
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FREMONT – The Fremont Public Schools Board of Education held their Election of Officers for 2018 at their regular meeting.

The board’s first meeting of 2018 was held Monday evening. The first thing on their agenda was to receive nominations and hold elections for officers. Sandi Proskovec was nominated to another one year term as President, Dan Moran was nominated to another term as Vice-President, and Todd Hansen was nominated as Secretary. Each nominee received unanimous votes by the rest of the board to resume their positions once again.

The rest of the board’s agenda was light to start off the year. They unanimously approved of the inter-local agreement with the City of Fremont regarding a piece of land on the southwest corner of Military Avenue and Johnson Road. The agreement will allow both parties to share in the costs to identify interest in the land, appraise its value, and identify any additional parcels of land which could be considered for a like-value exchange.

Before the end of the meeting the board also approved a motion to purchase server hardware, storage systems, software, and support from Sterling Computers. The total cost of the purchase was $155,671.94.

Superintendent of Fremont Public Schools Mark Shepard says there’s a lot to look forward to in the new year. He says one challenge the district could potentially face is new bills introduced by the state legislature.

“I think every year is a challenge. Obviously the legislature is back in session so we are starting to analyze some of the bills they have introduced already,” explained Shepard. “And they still have about a week-worth of introductions still to occur. So we’ll continue to look at that and see what effect that’s going to have on the school district on both an operational standpoint and a budget standpoint.”

Shepard adds despite any challenges they face as a school district, there are many great things ahead for 2018. One of those exciting opportunities is possibly bringing in new staff members to help provide a positive learning environment.

“I think we always look forward to the new year with the new opportunities for our students and our staff,” said Shepard. “We are just on the very beginnings of looking at staffing for next year. So we’ll have the opportunity to reevaluate what our needs our and go out and find the best people we can for those positions.”

The Fremont Public Schools Board of Education’s next regular meeting will be held on February 12th at 6:30 p.m. in the board room of the Main Street Education and Administration Center.