FPD Arrests One After Stolen Vehicle Investigation Turns Violent

FREMONT – Fremont Police responded to two vehicle related crimes yesterday, making one arrest when a suspect in an auto theft became violent.

Thursday morning, just before 9AM, Fremont Police spotted a vehicle that had been reported stolen being driven down the street by Joshua C. Grover, 31, of Fremont. The stolen 1997 Mercury Mountaineer was left parked and unlocked in the 800 block of west 10th street when Grover apparently took a spare key fob from the car. Grover allegedly returned later to steal the vehicle.

When police pulled the SUV over and confirmed that it was the stolen Mountaineer, they arrested Grover on a charge of Theft of a Motor Vehicle. Grover became resistant, striking at least one of the officers and generally resisting arrest.  He was subdued and will be additionally charged with assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, driving with a suspended license and theft from a motor vehicle.

Later on Thursday afternoon, around 7PM, police watched a pickup truck strike a parked car and flee the scene without leaving any information or making any attempt to locate the damaged car’s owner. Nicholas J. Wallman, 25, of Fremont was pulled over and cited on suspicion of leaving the scene of a property damage accident. The victim’s vehicle, a 2009 Lincoln MKS, sustained an estimated $1,500.00 in damage.  Wallman’s 2013 Ford pickup sustained damage estimated at $750.00.