FPD Addresses Enforcement During COVID-19 Rumor

FPD Addresses Enforcement During COVID-19 Rumor
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FREMONT – Despite the fact that several entities and organizations are currently closed due to COVID-19 concerns, the Fremont Police Department remains open and active – no matter what you read on social media.

“Despite rumors to the contrary, the officers from your Fremont Police Department will continue to conduct traffic stops and other citizen contacts to address any violations of state laws and local ordinances,” said Lieutenant Ed Watts, FPD Professional Standards. The Department has been contacted numerous times by concerned citizens who have seen social media rumors suggesting that the police would not be able to fulfill their duties due to the COVID-19 virus.

“Exposure to viruses and various forms of bodily fluids are a job hazard that the officers are trained to manage through proper handwashing and barriers such as gloves and masks,” Watts explained. “Maintaining the peace and order of the city is our primary concern and we will continue in those efforts to the best of our abilities.”