Fountain and Splash Pad Could be Present at Next John C. Fremont Days

FREMONT – A project that began with conversations at John C. Fremont Days is now confirmed to move forward after meetings with City officials.

A project to place a fountain in John C. Fremont City Park has been discussed and in the planning stage for months. Don Cunningham was leading the charge on putting together the plans, and many citizens donated money to help the project. But Cunningham  said due to some safety and maintenance concerns, re-creating the 1920s fountain was not feasible. But Parks and Recreation Director Kim Koski says after a few meetings and brainstorming sessions, they finally came up with an idea to make the project possible.

“We sat down with Don and kind of talked about the city’s concerns with the fountain being a depth of water, possibly the maintenance, and the longterm upkeep,” said Koski. “And then we had a brainstorming meeting and we thought about how we had money budgeted for a splash pad. And I think this could be combined and it would be a great compromise. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

While it was only last week that the idea to combine the splash pad and fountain came together, Koski projects that if the weather cooperates and depending on the bids they get the ground could be broken in the spring and the project could be completed by John C. Fremont Days.

“We will work on getting some design ideas on what we would like see. Then we’ll send it out and see what kind of bids we get back,” explained Koski. “Then if they have an additional designs that they have seen that have worked, then those could be incorporated into creating a fountain, but flush with the ground. It would make it a fun splash pad that kids can play in during the day, and then we can actually light it up at night and it can actually be a fountain.”

While re-creating the 1920s fountain was decided to not be feasible, Koski says the splash pad and fountain combination will still be placed near the site of the old fountain.

“It’s going to be in the middle, kind of where the old fountain was. There’s already plumbing and pit there that we can build off of,” said Koski. “We’ll kind of keep it in the middle and away from the street. We will make it a safety issue so that it’s safe and in the middle for the kids.”

The John C. Fremont City Park’s fountain and splash pad project will be worked on by the City of Fremont, Friends of Fremont Area Parks, and John C. Fremont Days.