Flooded Areas Experiencing Traffic Clutter Due to Sightseers

Flooded Areas Experiencing Traffic Clutter Due to Sightseers
This is the state of the Platte River at Highway 77 near Fremont.

FREMONT – Authorities and residents are urging people interested in seeing the floodwaters and submerged neighborhoods to stay away.

“We have a lot of water flowing near the Platte River bridge on highway 79,” said one North Bend Volunteer firefighter, “and we would like to keep everybody off the Platte river bridges. Please do not come down to the river to try taking pictures or video. It’s very dangerous.”

All roads into and out of North Bend are officially closed as of 7AM on Friday, March 15th. Never cross a barricaded road or closed road, and never drive your vehicle into standing or moving water over a roadway.

The Platte river bridge at Highway 77 south of Fremont remains open, but the Dodge County Sheriff’s office has seen multiple individuals slowing or stopping on the bridge to take pictures or video. “We are aware that you are trying to take pictures,” said the sheriff’s office, “but you are creating a traffic hazard. Keep moving.”