Flood Update: Timberwood Under Voluntary Evacuation, Flood Warning

Flood Update: Timberwood Under Voluntary Evacuation, Flood Warning
A view of the water flowing over Timberwood drive, just before 1PM on Thursday, 2/20.

UPDATE – 7:20PM, Thursday, 2/20 – The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office announced this evening, there is a voluntary evacuation for the areas of south of Highway 30 at County Road 13 to the Timberwood area. No shelters are open at this time; if they become necessary, they will reopen. 

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning from County Road 14 South of Highway 30 to Lake Ventura. The Flood Warning has been extended through Friday at 10PM.

County Road 19 south of Military Ave., Ridgeland Road and the south side of Fremont Lakes SRA all remain closed. The entire affected area will continue to be monitored overnight. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office will release further information if anything changes. 


UPDATE – 2:29PM, Thursday, 2/20 – Dodge County Emergency Management reports that they’ll once again be partnering with Hexagon Helicopters, to use the company’s prototype ice breaker device.

This time, the helicopter will head to the area of the Platte that intersects with the cutoff ditch. By breaking up that ice, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office says, “There is the hope that the water will continue to flow around Timberwood, back to Cutoff Ditch Road as it was designed.”


UPDATE – 12:51PM – Thursday, 2/20 – Following close on the heels of the announcmenet of a voluntary evacuation in the Timberwood Lake neighborhood, the National Weather Service has placed this area under a Flood Warning.

The Flood Warning for Timberwood Lake will remain in effect until 12:45PM on Friday, February 21st. The NWS suggests those in Timberwood Lake and the immediate vicinity of Timberwood Lake along the Platte River Bank take action now, whether making plans to shelter in place or to evacuate.

Those evacuating will be transported by emergency vehicles.  These vehicles will be at the access road entrance to Timberwood Lake, and the fire department will be going door to door.  Family or friends can pick evacuated residents up at First Lutheran Church in Fremont.


UPDATE – 12:30PM, Thursday 2/20 – A voluntary evacuation for Timberwood Lake residents has been announced by Dodge County Emergency Management and the Dodge County Sheriff’s office.

There is water running over the road, but emergency crews will be on site by 2:30PM to assist residents who wish to evacuate. The voluntary evacuation notice also gives Timberwood residents the option to shelter in place. 



FREMONT – Water levels at County Road 19 dropped overnight by several feet and continue to drop today, as the jetty construction at the breach in the Rod & Gun Club nears completion.

“The water flow through the Rod & Gun Club continues to drop and to slow down,” said Mayor Getzschman. “The work that’s being done on the jetty, to divert the water, is going well. We’re almost to the point where we might be able to block some of that water from entering the lake.”

Unfortunately, there is a new issue cropping up this afternoon, as the ice jam continues to move down the river. Yesterday near Lake Timberwood, the river was clear. Today, there’s a large portion of the ice jam sitting near Lake Timberwood and to the west of it. This is forcing water into the lowland area near the fields and onto the road entering Lake Timberwood. This new ingress is north of the section of the road that was repaired in 2019.

“At this point in time, we’re just monitoring it. The water is about 4″-6″ over the road. We’ll monitor it as time goes on, but water is backing up into the fields,” said Getzschman. “Ultimately, this water will end up in the cutoff ditch and back into the river.”

Water flows over the road into Timberwood Lake on 2/20 around 11:30AM. Photo credit: Judy Getzschman.

The Platte is not feeding into Timberwood Lake at this time.

“We’re not out of the woods yet,” Getzschman said, “and we continue to work, and fight through this.”

Listen to an audio update from Mayor Getzschman: