Flood Advisory Issued in Dodge County Due to Ice Jam

DODGE COUNTY – The National Weather Service in Omaha issued a Flood Advisory for north central Dodge County because of an ice jam that emergency management discovered on the Elkhorn River.

The ice jam has only caused minor flooding in lowland areas near the river. The NWS office in Omaha warned of ice jams due to the rising temperatures over the weekend.

David Pearson, NWS hydrologist, said the office will continue to monitor the jam as it evolves. The biggest concern is cold weather allowing the ice to stay put for an extended period of time.

The jam is located near the U.S. Highway 275 bridge going over the Elkhorn River next to Dead Timber Recreation Area. It may eventually break up and move further downstream.

A problem could then arise for Scribner if the ice jammed again further down the river.