Flittie Files – State Patrol Talks Tinted Windows, Traffic, and More

FREMONT – I sat down with a Nebraska State Trooper this week and it was an eye-opener.  Widely known as “Trooper Dave” to listeners of Husker pre-and-post game radio broadcasts during home football games, Dave is a 24-year veteran of the State Patrol, and he answered many questions from me this week:

I wondered: How worrisome are those darkly-tinted windows when troopers have to approach a stopped vehicle?


Are there any noticeable differences in driver behavior over his 24-year law enforcement career with the Nebraska Patrol?


I wanted to know more about troopers riding in the cabs of those big rig semi-trucks, and what do those troopers find?


Trooper Dave described his “Game Day” highway reports, and revealed that he ISN’T in the helicopter:

And he shared how he gets all his road reports


Area drivers might want to know that they could encounter Trooper Dave anywhere in a 5-county area in Eastern Nebraska:


Trooper Dave shared a story about catching a speeder on Highway-275 between Fremont and Omaha who was driving over 100 mph – in the rain!


Later in our conversation, I wanted to know how Trooper Dave’s wife feels about his job and Dave ended up sharing a very personal story about Monday’s incident at Burke High School in Omaha and an unrelated 3-vehicle accident involving his teenage daughter Tuesday afternoon.