Five Accused Of Undercover Meth Buys In Falls City

FALLS CITY – Deputy Richardson County Attorney Samantha Scheitel has obtained arrest warrants for five people named in a 2017 undercover drug investigation by the Nebraska State Patrol.

Anna Debolt, 37, and Jeremiah Scheele, 38, both of Falls City, are named in a warrant alleging their involvement in a controlled buy of methamphetamine on Jan. 18.

Court documents say Debolt told a state patrol confidential informant to go the True Value parking lot on Stone Street with $130. Scheele reportedly left their Chase Street residence on bicycle, went to the parking lot and provided 1.75 grams of meth.

A confidential informant was also under surveillance on Aug. 11 for a meth buy  at the Harlan Street residence of 22-year-old Scott Bachman and 21-year-old Taryn Rice.

Court records say the confidential informant also gave Rice $200 on Aug. 23 for 1/8 ounce of meth at the residence and was delivered another 1/8 ounce Sept. 27 at the Sun Mart grocery store parking lot.

An arrest affidavit says the confidential informant provided $200 to 28-year-old Jonathan Dawson of Falls City for a 1/8 ounce of meth on Sept. 27.

20-year-old Stephanie Bachman has also been charged with aiding and abetting a felony on Sept. 1.

Court records link Bachman to a burglary at North Fork Farm Service near Humboldt.