FIRST LOOK: Splash Station Bond to Add Lazy River

FREMONT – The Splash Station water park in Fremont is ready to add another attraction – a highly requested Lazy River with a new water slide just for tubes. All the city needs is the money to begin.

The new attraction is entirely dependent on a bond issue before Fremont voters on May 15th. At a total cost of 2.6 million dollars, the city will ask voters to approve or deny a bond request for $2 million of the total cost. The rest of the funds to complete the project will come from city reserves, which have been built up over the last few years to help offset the cost of this and other projects.

The cost initially may seem high – two million dollars out of taxpayers’ pockets. However, when broken down to the individual level, it’s not quite so intimidating. “It’s $0.71 per month, per bond issue,” said Fremont’s City Administrator, Brian Newton. “If [the bond issues] don’t pass, we won’t do the projects.”