Final Flood Supply Distribution in Fremont this Saturday

Final Flood Supply Distribution in Fremont this Saturday
At the height of the need, supplies were bursting off of tables and stacked up throughout the City Auditorium, ready to go home with anyone in need.

FREMONT – It’s been about eight weeks since the Distribution Center for flood victims opened up in the Fremont City Auditorium, as flood waters displaced hundreds in Fremont alone and thousands throughout our portion of Eastern Nebraska. This Saturday, that distribution center will make its final dispatch of supplies.

When Fremont was an “island,” cut off from the rest of our neighbors by flooded highways and broken bridges, locals stocked the shelters with items from their own pantries or made trips to the grocery stores specifically to buy items to donate – so much so that the shelters were overwhelmed and the Distribution Center was created. In those first few days, Fremonters went the extra mile for each other – the shelters always needed something, and local people stepped up to make sure they got it.

Once the highways opened up, donations started to pour in from everywhere; from as far away as Florida, Texas, California and North Carolina – people sent water, food, cleaning supplies, shoes, bedding and everything in between. Those donations made sure that the people impacted by the flooding wouldn’t have to worry about drinking water or where their next meal would come from. Flood victims were able to pick up cleaning supplies and safety gear that kept a bad situation from getting worse, sparing them injuries and illnesses as they cleared and repaired their homes amid the contaminated flood water and post-flood mold.

While those physical supplies, and the needs for them, have dwindled down over the last few weeks, the Fremont Area United Way is still receiving the supply most in demand for the next phase of recovery: money. WholeStone Farms recently donated over $26,000 to the cause. A church out of Colorado had someone drive down and present a check at the United Way office in Fremont. A local craftsman, Jim Kallio, built and sold Corn Hole boards and brought the proceeds – nearly $1,000 – to the United Way office, too. Benefit concerts are planned throughout the summer, as well.

Although the Distribution Center will be closing this Saturday, the flood recovery efforts will continue for months to come. Given the generosity of this community, those efforts should be well funded and well supported for as long as the need exists.


Distribution Center –¬†Fremont City Auditorium

Final hours: Saturday, May 11th 10AM – 2PM

To volunteer on this final day, call (402) 253-0448.