Ferry Hopes to Use Business Experience to Lower Property Taxes

PONCA, NE — Tom Ferry does business in Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota and notices a big difference between rural communities in those states and Nebraska.  He says those states aren’t killing their farmers with taxes.

“I see the differences in some areas and our District is getting killed by property taxes.  It’s unsustainable – we’re going to create our own farm crisis if we don’t do something about it.”

So Ferry is running to fill term-limited Tyson Larson’s seat as the senator from District 40 in northeast Nebraska.  He owns the Interstate Batteries regional distributorship in Ponca and says his negotiating skills will help him to bring urban and rural senators together to pass property tax reform.

“We’ve got to get somebody down there that can go in and sit down with these people and talk to them and try to explain to them, get them out here to see the reality of what we’re doing to ourselves.”

Ferry says he would support any reform that had a chance of passing but hasn’t seen a bill that’s come close.

Ferry has been on judicial nominating committees for two governors, is involved with multiple hunting organizations and is one of the founders of the Missouri River Outdoor Expo at Ponca State Park.

“I’ve got the experience of doing that and being on different boards throughout my life that have given me the 37 years of experiences I can carry down there and actually try to help with the problem.”

There are six candidates running for the post.  The top two vote-getters from the May 15th primary will advance to the general election.