Falsified Document???

Item 31 on the agenda of last night’s City Council meeting was contentious.  Item 31 called for action removing a falsified staff report from public record and authorized an investigation into the origin, creation, and submission of the document.   After more than an hour and a half of discussion among City council members,  and quite a bit of public comment both for and against, a motion was made to NOT conduct a investigation into the falsified document.  That motion failed on a 4 to 2 vote, with one abstention.  Mayor Scott Getzschman then addressed everyone in the city council chamber.

Councilman Brad Yerger then made a motion to table Item 31 indefinitely.  The motion passed on a 6 to 1 vote.

In other City Council business last night,  the 1st item of the night was a resolution to approve an expansion for a local business that is growing into 1400 Railroad street.  Elemetal, which years ago was known as Pete’s Custom Metal , is looking to expand in that building.  Council unanimously approved the resolution, 7-0.  Councilman Matt Bechtel was not present at last night’s meeting.