Evacuation Orders in Place as of March 15th, 2PM

FREMONT – There are multiple evacuation orders in place from multiple counties and multiple townships at this time. Those evacuation orders are:

Saunders county Woodcliff area – Mandatory evacuation

Inglewood township – Mandatory evacuation

North Blair area “bottoms” – East of County Road 31; East of County Road P31 to County Road 10, East of County Road P33 South to County Road 18 – Mandatory evacuation

Valley and all surrounding developments – Mandatory evacuation

Entire city of North Bend – Voluntary evacuation – residents are being asked to go to Snyder

City of Fremont – South of the railroad tracks from Pierce to Platte streets – voluntary evacuation

Lake Ventura – voluntary evacuation

**NEW EVACUATION** The Levee point at Cut-Off ditch could potentially be breached, at this time it is holding by man made means. That is County Road 17 near highway 30. If you live between County Road 17 and the Highway 30 bypass a voluntary evacuation has been issued. Potential effected areas could be highlighted below.

Timberwood Lake – water is rising in this area. No damage or evacuation order reported.

Accompanying these evacuation orders are numerous road closures.

The Platte River Bridge on Hwy 92 has one lane of traffic open for eastbound traffic only.  The west bound lane is under water – no westbound traffic is allowed.   They will allow one lane of eastbound traffic across the bridge as long as possible.  If the water rises anymore it will be closed.

In Dodge county:

Highway 77 at the Platte river bridge is closed in both directions

Highway 30 between Ames and North Bend is closed in both directions

Highway 79 is closed in both directions north and south of North Bend

In Saunders county:

Highway 77 including the Platte River Bridge is closed in both directions.

Highway 79 North of Morse Bluff including the bridge across the Platte River into Dodge county is closed.

Woodcliff near County Roads 10/W is being evacuated – they are concerned a levee may break.

In Douglas county:

Highway 275 at 204th and Dodge is now CLOSED in both directions.

Highway 275 / Highway 64 Maple Street is CLOSED in both directions.

Highway 36 is CLOSED in both directions to Omaha/Bennington.