Drug-Intoxicated Driver Prompts K9 Search in Fremont, Welfare Check in Lincoln

FREMONT – An intoxicated man was charged with false reporting after attempting to gain leniency with arresting officers using a story about a supposed child at home – a child that never existed.

Fremont police arrested Connor C. Ewoldt, 26, of Lincoln, NE on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs, following an investigation in the parking lot of a business in the 700 block of north Broad Street.

Officers received the report of an impaired driver and subsequently observed Ewoldt driving a vehicle matching the description given in the report.  Ewoldt pulled into the business parking lot, where officers made contact with Ewolt. He showed signs of impairment and was asked to step from the vehicle.  As he did so, officers noticed an orange cap similar to one commonly used to cover a hypodermic needle.

Ewoldt did not consent to a search of his vehicle, but the cap & his behavior were enough to prompt police to bring in a drug dog. The FPD’s K9 unit responded, performed a scent search of the outside of the vehicle, and gave a positive indication for the presence of drugs.  The subsequent probable cause search turned up drug paraphernalia including syringes and a pill cutter, a small amount of cocaine, and numerous prescription narcotic/controlled substance pills.

Ewodlt was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. During the arrest interview, Ewoldt claimed he needed to get home to care for his child, who was currently in the care of a teenager in Lincoln. Fremont Police contacted police in Lincoln, who responded to his residence to do a welfare check of the child. There, they learned that Ewoldt has no children and there was no child at the residence. As a result of that investigation, Ewoldt was additionally charged with false reporting.