Downed Power Line Causes Road Damage, Freak Accident

Downed Power Line Causes Road Damage, Freak Accident
The 115 kW (115,000 watts) power line had enough current running through it to crack the pavement, after landing on a car and severely damaging it.

FREMONT – A downed power line caused a freak accident yesterday, slowing commutes to a crawl and diverting traffic from highway 275 near highway 30.

A 115,000 watt power line along Highway-77/275 just north of Sapp Brothers on the north edge of Fremont became unleashed from its moorings and fell just before 5pm Wednesday afternoon. The powerful, fully-charged electric line landed on top of a moving car, causing all four tires to burst and destroying the vehicle’s electric systems, computer.

Fortunately, despite the car’s systems being totally destroyed, the car’s inertia propelled the car well-beyond the electric line, likely saving the driver’s life. The live wire then made contact with the pavement and was powerful enough to crack it.

The line belongs to NPPD,  whose crews responded to the scene. Fremont Department of Utilities crews also were on scene to assist, if called upon.