Surprise Donation from Christensen Lumber Helps Habitat Home Construction

FREMONT – Tomorrow may be Thanksgiving, but it’s feeling a little more like Christmas for the Fremont Area Habitat for Humanity after they received a huge gift from Christensen Lumber.

A few days ago, the future Habitat home at 1351 N Maxwell was less a home and more a hole in the ground. “The house was just a basement,” according to Emily Jones, volunteer coordinator for Habitat. “Tom from Christensen Lumber just told us that he’s sending out his workers to get the house framed.” She added that Tom promised to have it done before Thanksgiving.

Tom was as good as his word, and a crew showed up and got to work. Within just a few hours, the lot was already starting to transform into something that looks a lot closer to a home. “It is so nice, I can not believe it.  Our children-  our son and daughters – are very happy.  Thank you so, so much,” said Blanca, the future owner of this Habitat home. “God has blessed my family.  Thank you to everyone who is working on this home,” she added.

Christensen Lumbers help was a huge boon to the project, moving it forward by a full stage of construction. Pat Brown, the construction manager for Habitat for Humanity was blown away. “I, as well as Habitat for Humanity, would like to thank Christensen Lumber for volunteering their employees’ time to frame a house with such little notice.”  Volunteerism, both individually and by corporations, really make a difference to many families. “It’s because of businesses like Christensen Lumber Company and other individuals which make the dream of owning a home a reality.  Thanks to Tom Christensen and his awesome employees.”