Dodge County Vehicle Overturned in Omaha; Dramatic Disturbance Unfolds

OMAHA – An unnamed man caused a dramatic disturbance in midtown Omaha today, standing atop a flipped car, screaming a woman’s name and eventually cutting himself.

Just before 11AM, the Omaha Police Department responded to the scene of an evident traffic collision in midtown; at least one vehicle bearing Dodge county plates was involved, and had flipped over onto its roof as a result of the impact. When police arrived on scene, a man was standing on top of the overturned car, calling out the name of a woman.

The man brandished a knife, and a short standoff began. The man continued calling for a woman; police investigated and learned that the woman in question had been inside the vehicle when it overturned. A domestic dispute was evidently in progress when the accident occurred; after the collision, the woman fled to hide in a nearby restaurant.

After a brief standoff period, the man began cutting himself. Police on the scene talked the man down from the vehicle shortly after. “Officers were able to deescalate the situation, and get the male party into custody,” according to Omaha Police Department officer Phil Anson.  The man in question was taken to Omaha’s CUMC-Bergan Mercy hospital for evaluation, and is expected to recover from his self-inflicted wounds.