Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Shares ‘Click it’ Results

FREMONT – The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office received a grant from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety for overtime traffic enforcement in conjunction with the nationwide “Click It or Ticket” mobilization.  The grant period was from November 21-25, 2018.

Sixteen Dodge County deputies participated and worked a total of 107 overtime hours.  Deputies conducted a checkpoint. The following is a list of arrests made and citations issued during the grant period:

Speeding Citations:  5
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol:  3
Driving Under Suspension/Revocation:  3
Minor in Possession of Alcohol:  1
Open Alcohol Container:  2
Narcotics Possession:  16
No Proof of Insurance:  1
Felony Arrests:  2
Fugitives Apprehended:  9
Overall, the DCSO had contact with 113 vehicles and wrote about 40 citations.