Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Releases Its September Statistics

FREMONT – The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office has released its September statistics.

In the month of September the sheriff’s office made a total of 103 arrests. There was one arrest for Rape, Felony Theft, and Offense Against Family/Children. They also made two arrests for Felony Assault, Fraud/Bad Checks, and Weapons, and there were three arrests made for Driving Under the Influence and Vandalism. They also made six arrests for Liquor Law Violations, seven for Misdemeanor Assault, nine for Driving During Suspension/Revocation, and 23 arrests for Drugs. The sheriff’s office also made 43 arrests for other offenses.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office dealt with a total of 19 offenses. One for Rape, Felony Assault, Auto Theft, Runaways, and Recovered Stolen Vehicle. There were two for the offenses of Felony Theft, and three for Misdemeanor Assault, Misdemeanor Theft, Fraud, and Vandalism.

The sheriff’s office also gave out 63 Traffic Citations and 151 Traffic Warnings. They served 25 Warrants and gave 30 Equipment Warnings. They received a total of 315 calls. There were 247 miscellaneous calls, 32 Criminal Complaints, and they also assisted ten motorists.

There were nine accidents the sheriff’s office responded to in September. Eight dealt with property damage, and one involved personal injury. The contributing circumstances to some of those accidents involve failure to yield right of way, speeding, swerving or avoiding due to wind or another vehicle, visibility obstructed, inattention, distraction, or operating defective equipment.