Dodge County Board of Supervisors Meeting

The Dodge County Board of Supervisors convened Wednesday morning, March 25, to discuss agenda items and the possible action that may need to be taken by department heads in Dodge County.

The DCBS sent a letter to the department heads in Dodge County to give them their stance on the COVID-19 situation and contingency plans the department heads should be preparing as we deal with this pandemic. The DCBS gave their full support for the flexibility of work schedules, paid leave, and any other decisions each department may have to make.

The DCBS also discussed the possibility of having future meetings held virtually. There was not a final decision or commitment to this proposal, but it is fluid as the COVID-19 situation changes.

In other matters, DCBS considered the possible actions for the approval of the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with Lower Elkhorn NRD. As a result of the March 2019 Flood, the City of Scribner and Dodge County want to gain this approval for improvements and modifications of the Elkhorn River Bank Stabilization Project.

The proposal moved forward, but District 5 Supervisor Bob Missel said, “Our biggest obstacle to overcome is getting FEMA’s approval on the project. The criteria needed for approval is difficult in this situation because not only do we want to return the damaged areas to how they were before, but we also want to improve them. That causes more paperwork and a longer delay in getting the FEMA approval we need to move forward.”